Quest for chill spot 2022

As July wanes, the peak of the touring season embraces us, drawing us back to the allure of Latgale. This time, however, we find ourselves constrained, unable to pursue our three-border point quest, for our rowdy neighbor’s actions have disrupted the borderlands with the influx of refugees. A strict government restriction regime now blankets the area, blocking tourist access. Despite this setback, we find contentment in our annual visit to our friend Guntis, and we explore a few points of interest from a safe distance, avoiding unnecessary risks.

Our intentions were never grandiose – we didn’t seek to climb higher, travel farther, or prove our strength. Yet, somehow, without striving, we achieved more than we imagined. It’s a discipline we possess – keeping our expectations humble, much like savoring the chef’s subtle compliments while relishing a fine meal.

In Latgale, the true essence reveals itself when experienced on two wheels, powered by the simplicity of pedal force. A taste of this region’s beauty, best savored at a leisurely pace, embracing the freedom and joy that cycling brings.

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