Quest for chill spot

Bikepacking makes me thirsty for chill spots, or vice versa. Pedal, eat, chill – chill eat, pedal, repeat. For this trip, we were determined to more chill and less pedal. Some unknowns lay ahead threatening to disrupt our chilling. What about the dire weather forecast, lack of tarps and relying only on human made shelter availability to hang our hammocks, and did we bring enough gear?

We got rained out within first 30 minutes from start, forgot oil and pedaled on dry chain for 2 days, slept in Devil’s county, watched fog evaporate above tree line, experienced cold butts from sleeping in hammocks, swam in forest lakes with nobody else around, pedaled up to the highest peak in Baltics, got our bikes covered in mud and grit, crossed border 4 times. Proof of chill spots in video below.